Wednesday, 18 March 2015

New York is always a good idea.

Helloo i am so bad i know! I haven't post in forever.. Well over a month but i haven't been feeling it at all but now i am so hiiii!! 

If you read my last post (i hope you did.. i can see that guilty face through your screen!) it was 10 days till my 18th birthday and i didn't know what i was doing for all i knew i was flying to London with my best friends Jade and Lauren (i know your reading this Lauren so Hi!) and the surprise was waiting for me after we checked into our hotel well..  as you can see from the title we ended up on a connection flight to THE BIG APPLE!! The only person who knew was my mum so it came a massive surprise to me Jade and Lauren and my dad after a member of the cabin crew announced that we wasn't actually going to London. I still can't believe it to this day and it was most definitely the best 18th birthday present ever! 

I thought i would just share some of my favourite photos because if i was to talk about everything i did it would be on going for days!

My two best friends and me on the way to Manchester Airport 

It only seemed right to get this picture..

Landing after a 6hour flight.. HOW AMAZING



Plaza Hotel! Basically Home Alone 2 

A Very Snowy Central Park 

Times Square!
 The pictures don't do it any justice:( 
Its amazing but sooo bright also the shops are open til 2am so i was rather happy

Empire State 

M&M World 

Them Yellow Taxi Dunkin' Donut selfies

911 Memorial  

These cakes were soo small they were the cutest!! 

Queen B or should i say L?  

Katz Dinner.. so much food i couldn't handle 

While on the subject of food i wanted to post this breakfast, It was Called Goldie Lox from a Place Called Sarah Beth's it was my favourite meal out of everything i ate over there! 
It is egg with chunks of salmon and philadelphia and then a banana muffin on the side! 
(the banana muffin was very random) 

Frozen over Fountain thats how cold it was!! 

Broaddddwayyyy we watched Matilda it was honestly such an amazing show and the little girl who played Matilda was such an amazing actress. 

Central Park on a more sunnier day..


Yes i did i fed a squairrel i love him..

This was one thing ticked of my bucket list! Ice Skating in Central park..

These caps are so fashionable...

Don't ask about this photo am so weird

It was soo cold we had to buy Uggs on the first day! 

That is the end it was the most amazing experience i have ever had and i can't thank my mum enough i don't know how she kept so quiet the little sneaky!

I would definitely recommend going to everyone if its not on your bucket list put it on and do it you won't be disappoint and if your anything like me you will want to live there and possibly fall in love with a homeless busker in central park his voice was amazing.. and his name was Jimmy.. just saying..

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Comment if you have ever been before and tell me what was your favourite thing about it was i would love to know!

Love Always

Kelly xxx