Friday, 26 December 2014

A little peek into my christmas day and boxing day

I hope everybody had a lovely christmas day and stuffed them selves up and continue to do that today because i know i will..

This is just a short post to share what i done yesterday and today, i hope you enjoy! 

Christmas Day 

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, Salmon and tomato (seriously amazing) 

Latte from my new coffee machine! 

Me and my dad..You can try and get a normal picture of us.. and yes i was still in my pjs!

My mum and Nan, at my nans in the day 

I then Forgot to get any pictures so thats all i have for Christmas day:( 

Boxing day 

A walk up our favourite place; Pex Hill

Obviously had to have ago on the swing!

…And so did my mum...

While buster thought he was in the cast of the lion king

Coat: Miss Selfridge
Boots: Topshop
Jeans: Topshop
Hat: Topshop
Forgot where the necklace is from sorry:(

And now as it is still Boxing day so i am currently waiting for the rest of my family to get here then drink, have fun and eat!! Yay for food! 

Hope you have a lovely day and let me know what you got up to today:) 

Love Always 

Kelly xxx

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

My Christmas eve

I just finished watching 'The Holiday' and oh my god it is such a good film and if you haven't watched it yet go ahead and do! Well anyway it is 23:13 and christmas is less than 1 hour away and i am going to share my evening with you!

Fast forwarding to the beginning of the night and i got home from shopping and finished wrapping all the presents i have brought then had to do the boring and make sure my room was all clean but when i had finished i felt like i deserved a medal.. i think i still do!

Later on i started my 'Christmas Tag' post which is up now so please go and check that out:)
After i had finished and got the post uploaded i then ran a bath which was such a relaxing bath i used 'The father christmas bath bomb' from lush and oh my it smells amazing, definitely one of my favourites now! Also it finishes with a green coloured bath and if i haven't already mentioned it already my favourite colour!

Obviously i had to paint my nails ready for tomorrow so i used the Aurora nail varnish from Topshop which i also have a post on, it is just such a lovely christmasy colour!

And now i am in my new pjs ready to go to bed soon so i really hope everyone has a fantastic christmas and i hope you enjoyed this little insider into my night:)

Nightie - Asda
Night Gown- Topshop

P.S. by the time this goes up its Christmas oh my god!!!

Love Always

Kelly xxx

The Christmas Tag!


I just done the last of my wrapping and popped them under the tree and i can honestly say i should work as an elf! I would definitely give my self a 10/10 for wrapping… from my personal opinion anyway.

As you can see from the title this post is the christmas tag, even though i haven't been tagged to do it i thought it would be fun anyway! Just to confirm i did not make up these questions i used the tag from so go and check that out too, Here we go..

1. On a scale of 1-10 how much are you in the Christmas mood?
 Okay is that really a question? I am definitely over that 10 mark! 

2. When wrapping presents is it a fail or are you a pro?

 Like i said am definitely a pro…pfft… kind of 

3. When did you put your Christmas decorations up and do you do anything special whilst putting them up?
I put my decorations up on the 10th because its my granddads birthday and he has now passed away, Not really just kind of get jiggy with the christmas music in the background..and yes i just said jiggy..       

Extra festive pjs

4. Do you get dressed or stay in your pjs on Christmas Day?

I get dressed on Christmas day, all my family go to my nans house for about 1 hour to see each other and be sides its an excuse to buy Christmas clothes!

5. What would be your dream place to go during the Christmas season?
Hands down NEW YORK! I hope to go next year which would just be amazing! Not for Christmas though just a week before or something, i couldn't be away from home at christmas.

Oh My!

6. What is your Christmas tree decorated like?
My Christmas tree is Red and Gold, with white sparkly lights! 

7. Can you name all of Santa's reindeers? (Without googling)
ok.. no.. i know like 3.. Rudolph..Dancer..Prancer and ermm lets move on..

8. Are you on the naughty or nice list this year? (Be honest)
In the words of 5 seconds of summer.. Good Girls are Bad girls who never get caught.. so definitely nice list..i hope 

9. Name three things you love to do coming up to Christmas?
1. Christmas Shopping
2. Drinking christmas drinks from Starbucks and costa.. MY FAVE
3. Cosy nights in with my friends watching christmas films 

10. Any Christmas wishes?
That next year will be the best year of my life and my family all stay healthy and happy:) 

11. Name 10 Christmas songs you love?
1. Driving home for christmas 
2. Fairy tale of New York 
3. All i want for christmas is you
4. Let it snow 
5. I wish it could be Christmas everyday 
6. Mistletoe - by Justin Bieber (don't laugh) 
Thats all i can think of! 

12. Name 3 Christmas movies you love?
1. Home Alone 1 and 2 
2. Love Actually 
3. The Grinch 

13. Do you like white lights or coloured? 
I love white lights its all i use to decorate but i love looking at the coloured ones ( am weird) 

14. Which do you like better, Christmas Day or Christmas Eve?
This is soo hard!! i love Christmas eve getting cosy with new christmas eve pjs on (does anyone else get them?) and having a hot chocolate with christmas films on.. But then christmas day i love spending time with my family and being able to have lots and lots of chocolate with out anyone judging you! Hmmm i would have to say christmas! 

15. Which is your favourite Christmas makeup look to wear?
 I tend to wear quite natural eye with a light tone of shimmery eye shadow and then a berry colour on my lips. (if anyone wants to see this look, comment and i will do a post on it) 

16. Right now as you're answering these questions how long is it till Christmas?
Its Christmas Eve (getting far to excited) and the time is 19:25 HOW EXCITING!! 

17. Do you have any presents that you open on Christmas Eve?
Only my Christmas Eve Pjs! 

I brought this nightie from Asda last minute and its so cute!
Just need to get my christmas eve bath then i can wear it!

I also brought this from Topshop and it is super fluffy!!
I haven't opened it yet this is why i got a web picture:)

18. Name three things on your Christmas list
I have only asked for a Coffee Machine nothing else

19. You're having a down day and you're not in the Christmas mood, what do you do to change your mood and become Christmas happy?
When am down i normally watch my favourite youtube videos to pick up my mood then to get in the christmas mood i would pop on a good Christmas film and cuddle with my dog. Big up being single! 

20. What is the best thing on your plate when you have your Christmas dinner? 
Definitely pigs in blankets!! Been my favourite since i was like 3..Ohhh and apple sauce!

And that is the end! I hope you enjoyed this post! 

I hope everyone has an Amazing Christmas and gets what they wished for! Pick one question and answer it in the comments i would love to know your answers:) 

Love Always 

Kelly xxx

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Aurora Nail Polish- Topshop

I just wanted to do a quick post on this nail varnish i got yesterday from Topshop. It is priced at just at £6!! I think i have fell in love! It is such a good winter colour, well i say colour it has soo many metallic colours in it like, copper, green, blue, and purple its just beautiful. 

I put a under coat of Purple Grey- Models Own on as i wanted more darker undertones then Aurora on top. (Without the undercoat of models own purple grey it is more lighter than in the picture) The goldy/copper colour is just amazing and is definitely in for this time of the year with Christmas and new year coming up! P.S 6 DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS!!! 

But one thing that i absolutely love about this nail varnish is the colour change when it hits different light, blue and green tones really pop. It was difficult to capture it on a photo but i tried my best. 

This is definitely one of my new favourites this month and i will continue to buy it! 
If you have any recommendations on any Topshop nail varnishes then please let me know by commenting!

Hope you have a good day/ night where ever you are in the world! 

Love Always 

Kelly xxx

Sunday, 14 December 2014

A Christmas Gift Guide

This time of year we go through so many levels of stress thinking of what to get our loved ones this christmas, honestly my mind just goes blank whenever i even try to think, so i had a little wonder around the shops  and ideas came rushing to my brain and i started relating some of the things i had seen to the people i was buying for, even if it related to a little inside jokes we have, or if it is something silly or something they mentioned they needed or wanted, this made it a lot easier!

Here are a fews things i am planning to buy for my loved ones and hopefully they will give you some ideas too. 

So the first one is for my cousin Jade, last week we were on our holiday in the sunny Caribbean (which was amazing!) while we were there we discovered the Goddess of cocktails which is the mojito we drank them all day… all night… and it is now our favourite cocktail! Even the bar staff would bring us one over a soon as we sat in the bar it was quite amusing. One night Jade got sooooo drunk off them i had to put her to bed and the next day she swore she wasn't going to have another one again which did not last long hahaha! When i seen this gift set in Boots i immediately thought it was going to be one of her presents so i had to purchase it also it was only £12.00 what a bargain!

The next one is for mum she is always complaining how cold her hands get and she can never get warm so i spotted these super super cute hand warmers and they went straight in my basket! These where £10.00 and they are definitely worth it!

Now you are definitely going to laugh and maybe think what the hell but this is one of my dad presents this year… Yes an egg timer.. i know your thinking why is she getting her dad a egg timer for christmas but my dad loves a boiled egg and when he takes my dog for a walk he boils two and puts them in his pocket to enjoy on his walk, he's so cute hahaha! Well anyway he can't find his egg timer so i am taking it upon myself to get him one for christmas. ( i don't think i need to search the internet to find a egg timer picture so i haven't inserted one hahahaha)

I couldn't contain my excitement when i seen these gorgeous boxes from ted baker filled with bath smellys which smell amazing can i just add. I thought these would be a lovely present for my brothers girlfriends and i definitely might go back and pick myself one up!

And Lastly for this post, my Best friend she lovesssss Nutella..i mean who doesn't? For one of her presents i am getting her this recipe book. I am going to wrap it up with some of the ingredients she will need to cook some of the chocolate goodies inside! I think that will make such a cute present!

If you are struggling on what presents to get definitely check out boots and urban outfitters they have some amazing gift ideas this year and they are resonable prices.

Thank you for reading my post! I hope this gives you some ideas for your loved ones this year. If it did please leave a comment and let me know or if you have any ideas.

Also Winter Look Book post will be up shortly:)

Love Always

Kelly xxx

Thursday, 11 December 2014

A Shopping Trip With Mother J

Ok before i start can we all just get excited over how close christmas is, i mean its 13 DAYS 3 HOURS AND 7 MINUTES away!! (from when am writing this anyway) ITS SOO CLOSE! *clenches teeth together* 

… am ready to start now just wanted to get the excitement out the way! 

Today has been such an amazing day i spent the whole day at the Trafford centre with my Mum (Jane) and we shopped till we dropped literally! We started out at 12pm and finished shopping at 7pm our arms where aching and our legs were hurting but we soldered on and obviously we had our coffee breaks at the wonderful Starbucks crossing off the presents we brought from our christmas list! 

The day went on and we need to refuel and wheres more better than Giraffe? If you have never heard of Giraffe it is casual restraunt and has the most amazing menu ever! AND THE SMOOTHIES i can't deal. They have quirky and wacky names for each dish/ drink which makes it even more amazing I will leave the menu link at the bottom so go check it out! 

Sunshine Coast Iced Tea
Chicken, Spiced King Prawn & Mango Salad

Sweet Potato Fries AKA: LIFE 

If you ever get a chance to go, serioulsy go you won't want to go anywhere else AMAZING!

Moving on and one word SELFRIDGES some may call it heaven.. makeup,bags, clothes, shoes AND MORE FOOD! *fist pumps* 
So we all know once you see that makeup counter we gonna be walking out that store with a hand full of lip stick swatches (you know it)
Just an example..
How pretty is the darkest one!
As its winter i have been on the hunt for a berry toned lipstick and i found some amazing ones today  if anyone else is looking check out Media- M.A.C it is really dark but such a good winter colour. Also Scarlet Empress- NARS and Brave- M.A.C (if anyone knows any really good lipsticks please comment and let me know about it) 

After checking out most of the makeup stands we decided to walk out through the food hall in Selfridges and what a bad idea that was.. but can we please have a around of applause for these popcorn bottles!! They were Hugee!

Leaving the Trafford Centre it was pitch black but the car park was lit up by the walkway of sparkling trees it was soo magical! 
Sorry about the poor quality but so pretty! 

To end the day i visited my brother, his girlfriend and there puppy poppy she is soo playful and definitely tired me out tonight here is a little picture:

Okay so am going to end this long unorganised blog here and i hope you liked it, i will be uploading about 3 times a week so please be sure to follow me on Blog Lovin' and give me feedback and tips because thats what gonna make my blogs better and more entertaining. 
Thank you for reading and i hope to hear from you all!

Love Always 

Kelly xxx

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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Introduction- Hi, Hello, Hey...

Hello to every kind soul actually reading my first blog post and giving it a chance! 

This is just a Little Introduction of myself and my Blog. 

So my name is Kelly Millward, age 17 and i am from Liverpool (and yes i have that not so wonderful accent! I like to think mine isn't as strong as others which for me makes me happy) 

Here i am with my awful/awkward selfie smile! Woo for selfies!

I don't really have any interesting facts about me but here are some anyway:

I have a dog called buster who is probably the most over weight dog in Britain!


I just Dropped out of sixth form oops but i have my reasons.. 
My favourite time of the year is definitely winter. GO CHRISTMAS 
My interests are definitely beauty and fashion but i wouldn't take it on as a job. 
My favourite animal.. i don't have one really, i love them all! But when i was little it used to be a pig! 
Addiction? COFFEE gotta love coffee!
And Bands? Yessss i love them especially them Boybands *inserts heart eyes emoji*
I don't have any hobbies at all Boo! (except shopping! Can that count?)

Leading on from not having any hobbies creating this blog is something i wanted to make a hobby, i like to think i can and will put most my time into and hopefully meet some wonderful people on the way maybe like yourself.

This blog is going to include little bits of everything including Look books, a day in my life, Baking, Reviews on beauty products, Beauty Looks, Book reviews anything!! (Any ideas please feel free to comment)

So please stick around and maybe come on this little journey with me… you never know you might just enjoy it as much as me, and maybe some of my weirdness will rub off on you! 

Love you already  

Kelly xxx

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