Wednesday, 24 December 2014

My Christmas eve

I just finished watching 'The Holiday' and oh my god it is such a good film and if you haven't watched it yet go ahead and do! Well anyway it is 23:13 and christmas is less than 1 hour away and i am going to share my evening with you!

Fast forwarding to the beginning of the night and i got home from shopping and finished wrapping all the presents i have brought then had to do the boring and make sure my room was all clean but when i had finished i felt like i deserved a medal.. i think i still do!

Later on i started my 'Christmas Tag' post which is up now so please go and check that out:)
After i had finished and got the post uploaded i then ran a bath which was such a relaxing bath i used 'The father christmas bath bomb' from lush and oh my it smells amazing, definitely one of my favourites now! Also it finishes with a green coloured bath and if i haven't already mentioned it already my favourite colour!

Obviously i had to paint my nails ready for tomorrow so i used the Aurora nail varnish from Topshop which i also have a post on, it is just such a lovely christmasy colour!

And now i am in my new pjs ready to go to bed soon so i really hope everyone has a fantastic christmas and i hope you enjoyed this little insider into my night:)

Nightie - Asda
Night Gown- Topshop

P.S. by the time this goes up its Christmas oh my god!!!

Love Always

Kelly xxx

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