Friday, 26 December 2014

A little peek into my christmas day and boxing day

I hope everybody had a lovely christmas day and stuffed them selves up and continue to do that today because i know i will..

This is just a short post to share what i done yesterday and today, i hope you enjoy! 

Christmas Day 

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, Salmon and tomato (seriously amazing) 

Latte from my new coffee machine! 

Me and my dad..You can try and get a normal picture of us.. and yes i was still in my pjs!

My mum and Nan, at my nans in the day 

I then Forgot to get any pictures so thats all i have for Christmas day:( 

Boxing day 

A walk up our favourite place; Pex Hill

Obviously had to have ago on the swing!

…And so did my mum...

While buster thought he was in the cast of the lion king

Coat: Miss Selfridge
Boots: Topshop
Jeans: Topshop
Hat: Topshop
Forgot where the necklace is from sorry:(

And now as it is still Boxing day so i am currently waiting for the rest of my family to get here then drink, have fun and eat!! Yay for food! 

Hope you have a lovely day and let me know what you got up to today:) 

Love Always 

Kelly xxx


  1. Hope you have an amazing day and have a wonderful New Year too. x x

    1. Aww Thankyou! I hope you girls do too xx

  2. Looks like you had a good Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful New Years :)

  3. I hope you have a good Christmas and all the best for the New Year!
    I love this post it's super cute! Your sense of humour is amazing!!!
    The pictures of yourself, and your family are gorgeous :)
    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow

    1. Aww thats soo nice, Thankyou!! i hope you had an amazing christmas and hope you have a fantastic New year too! xxx