Friday, 2 January 2015

When Winter Takes Its Toll...

Its happening.. my tissues have came out and now became my best friend:(

Yesterday i woke up with how can i explain?… THE WORST cold ever! I was also urmm kind of hungover! (which didn't help in the slightest) I hate being unwell and it can really bring a person down and make them feel not themselves but as it is new year i am keen to kick this colds butt and get it away! These are a couple of things i have done to get myself feeling better and back to the normal me!

1. Go out and get fresh air
I have to say staying in bed is the best thing ever (we all know this) and when you have a cold it just seems the best thing to do.. but once i woke up i had been asked if i wanted to take my dog up to Pex hill for a walk and i can honesty say it done me the world of good! The fresh air made me feel 1000 times better! If you plan to go on a walk when your unwell make sure you get wrapped up warm so you don't get more sick.

2. Rest most of the day 
As you probably know when you have a cold you have no energy at all and it is normally best to rest which will gain you energy as you don't use much up. While resting you can catch up on your favourite series, youtube vids or Tv programs which to me sounds like the best plan ever!!

3. Drink Water
I always hear people going on about how important it is to drink plenty of water. I am going to hold my hands up and say i am soo bad at keeping hydrated, but as i got told by my mum that it flushes away all toxins i filled up my water bottle and have now been needing to every 10 minutes! It has made me feel so much better and it has also gave my skin a more radiant glow which is every unusual for a run down me! Also prepare for the every 5 minute toilet runs..

4. Pamper yourself 
Pampering yourself is just the best when being unwell it makes you look better and even feel it! You could do anything from a face mask, a nice hot bath or something as little as painting your nails thats all i done and i loved it.

5. Eat more fruit
I can't believe am giving advise on eating more fruit i am so the person who turns straight to chocolate and junk food when unwell and feeling sorry for myself but i tried eating berrys to get my engery levels up and beat my cold and it really made a difference, i only eat them when snacking but it made me feel a lot better!

That is all i have been doing to get my self back to normal! i hope you have enjoyed this post and it has helped you in any possible way!

If you have any tips on making yourself feel better then please comment i would love to know!

Love Always

Kelly xxx


  1. I'm not feeling too good today so this post is really helpful! I'm definitely guilty of not drinking enough water.. would be really great if you could check out my fashion blog? :)


    1. Aww i hope you feel better soon! I will check it out right now:)