Sunday, 14 December 2014

A Christmas Gift Guide

This time of year we go through so many levels of stress thinking of what to get our loved ones this christmas, honestly my mind just goes blank whenever i even try to think, so i had a little wonder around the shops  and ideas came rushing to my brain and i started relating some of the things i had seen to the people i was buying for, even if it related to a little inside jokes we have, or if it is something silly or something they mentioned they needed or wanted, this made it a lot easier!

Here are a fews things i am planning to buy for my loved ones and hopefully they will give you some ideas too. 

So the first one is for my cousin Jade, last week we were on our holiday in the sunny Caribbean (which was amazing!) while we were there we discovered the Goddess of cocktails which is the mojito we drank them all day… all night… and it is now our favourite cocktail! Even the bar staff would bring us one over a soon as we sat in the bar it was quite amusing. One night Jade got sooooo drunk off them i had to put her to bed and the next day she swore she wasn't going to have another one again which did not last long hahaha! When i seen this gift set in Boots i immediately thought it was going to be one of her presents so i had to purchase it also it was only £12.00 what a bargain!

The next one is for mum she is always complaining how cold her hands get and she can never get warm so i spotted these super super cute hand warmers and they went straight in my basket! These where £10.00 and they are definitely worth it!

Now you are definitely going to laugh and maybe think what the hell but this is one of my dad presents this year… Yes an egg timer.. i know your thinking why is she getting her dad a egg timer for christmas but my dad loves a boiled egg and when he takes my dog for a walk he boils two and puts them in his pocket to enjoy on his walk, he's so cute hahaha! Well anyway he can't find his egg timer so i am taking it upon myself to get him one for christmas. ( i don't think i need to search the internet to find a egg timer picture so i haven't inserted one hahahaha)

I couldn't contain my excitement when i seen these gorgeous boxes from ted baker filled with bath smellys which smell amazing can i just add. I thought these would be a lovely present for my brothers girlfriends and i definitely might go back and pick myself one up!

And Lastly for this post, my Best friend she lovesssss Nutella..i mean who doesn't? For one of her presents i am getting her this recipe book. I am going to wrap it up with some of the ingredients she will need to cook some of the chocolate goodies inside! I think that will make such a cute present!

If you are struggling on what presents to get definitely check out boots and urban outfitters they have some amazing gift ideas this year and they are resonable prices.

Thank you for reading my post! I hope this gives you some ideas for your loved ones this year. If it did please leave a comment and let me know or if you have any ideas.

Also Winter Look Book post will be up shortly:)

Love Always

Kelly xxx


  1. Thanks for all the ideas! I love the nutella one!

  2. I think the nutella book would make a great gift.

    Rae of love from berlin

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  4. Great blog post, xx. I love reading Christmas related posts, it always makes me in a more festive mood. I am loving your blog so far!

    Becky x //

    1. Me too! not long now till christmas:D

      Aww Thank you it means a lot! x

  5. Aw those hand warmers are adorable!

  6. aw what a cute gift guide x

    I've got a naked basics 2 palette giveaway on my blog if you want to take a look :)